Puerto Vallarta Weather

Puerto Vallarta's climate is considered sub-tropical. The weather in this area of Mexico bears striking similarities to the Hawaii with magnificent warm weather all year ‘round. Puerto Vallarta and the Hawaiian Islands share the same approximate latitude.

North American vacationers descend on the resort towns of Mexico in order to escape the cold weather. Puerto Vallarta attracts plenty of American and Canadian visitors this time of year. With temperatures climbing above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the weather is perfect for an holiday from the freezing temperatures in the United States and Canada. It almost never rains in Puerto Vallarta, providing ideal sunbathing weather.

Other mammals, besides humans, are drawn to the pleasant temperatures around Puerto Vallarta during the Winter months. Humpbacks migrate from the chilly waters of the Bering Sea to breed as well as birth and nurse their calves in the protected waters of Banderas Bay.

Fishermen will be happy to know that Dorado and Wahoo run very well during the Winter months.

Plenty of university coeds travel to the gorgeous beaches of Puerto Vallarta every Spring to celebrate the completion of mid-terms. And their timing could not be better for excellent beach weather. With daytime highs climbing to the middle 80’s Fahrenheit, student partiers usually head back to class with a suntan. Intermittent days of storms in late Spring may force the fiesta inside.

Because of the sweltering heat, Summer is usually the off-season in Puerto Vallarta. Temps rise into the mid-90’s Fahrenheit. This time of year is also the rainy season.
But there are still incentives to visit Puerto Vallarta in the summertime despite the muggy weather: the tuna begin to peak during the Summer and June is the start of a radical surfing season. No need to pack your wetsuit -- the water is like bathwater this time of year.

During Autumn, the temperatures return to a pleasant level: around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Sporadic showers may briefly interrupt your sun-bathing in early Fall. Both Marlin and Dorado (aka Mahi Mahi or Dolphin) steadily run well this time of year. Perpetual offshore swells make it this the best season to grab your surfboard and hit the waves.